Perfect Player App

Perfect Player App

How to install IPTV on your Perfect Player step by step:

1. Install “perfect player IPTV” on your android device and run it
App download link:

2. click “SETTING” button and then open “GENERAL” menu ===> playlist ===> paste your “m3u plus” link in the “playlist” field and choose a name for it. for example EUR IPTV ===> OK.

*Note: Do not check “VOD” button.

Setting up EPG:
3. EPG ===>  http://”ASK SUPPORT FOR EPG URL”/epg.xml.gz   copy/ paste EPG URL in the EPG field ===> (you can shift the time of the all the programs of channels. Use the shift option if EURIPTV’s EPG in not synced in your country) ===> OK.

4. GUI page ===> enable “show channels group as folder”
IMPORTANT: from “playback” menu, choose the “decoder” or else you can,t watch some channels or any channels at all. On the device which we used for testing, “software” decoder worked best.

5. Advanced ===> enable download supposed logos

6. After doing the necessary changes, you can “backup” your setting in a file from the “defaults” menu. so you can restore them later if anything happened to your perfect player.

Now go back to main screen and wait for “perfect player” to download the playlist and EPG. It may take a while but it should work then.

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    Thanx for help 😉

    February 14, 2018 at 02:30

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